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Create a Mess-terpiece

A most exciting event - Create a Mess-terpiece - was hosted by the Bridge Church in June 2016 at Water Street Event Center in Clarksville. Well know artist, Deby Dearman, shared part of her life journey as she led the approximate 45 participants to paint their own take-home artwork. Acrylic paints were used to paint beautiful floral painting beginning with nothing but what seemed to be a mess! The time flew as everyone had a great time. It was amazing how Deby taught everyone the same methods, but the final pictures were so different. The event was free and included art materials and light dinner provided by the Bridge. The painting pictured at the beginning of this article was created by Marcy Helms. The painting pictured at the end of this blog was created by PJ Boyd. If you want to see more of Deby Dearman's art or learn more about the Bridge Church check out:


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