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Healing Art

The complete three days were filed with spiritual miracles. Art is a healing tool of God. As our talented instructor, Deby Dearman, told us of losing her professional singing voice and later finding that God has gifted her with seeing and painting the beauty all around as her tears became a part of her art work at times; a beam of God’s love fell on the group. As one of our the group shared awesome homemade savory muffins, tasty bunt cake, and a very refreshing drink filled with ruby red strawberries floating freely in the ice, another ray of God’s loving gifts fell on us. Another shared how she had been healed from cancer and praise filled our space. Another not only taught us the “stir the soup” dance move, but brought and shared her gracious, talented niece who taught us to not fear the paint, but to “just try it”! With them came beams of God’s energy and goodness. Another brought fantastic stories of archeological digs in the Holly Land and artifacts as well as her musical life as a keyboard player. She also brought a most beautiful, creative, and gracious lady that everyone called, “Mama”. When either of these two ladies spoke, rays of God’s wisdom and generosity fell on us. As another brought stories of personal trials, tribulations and transformations, but most of all encouragement and blessings for each member of our new little family, golden rays of God’s glory and blessings filled our work space. I was able to share some ink paintings done in the past which brought rays of God’s beauty into the room as we learned to give Him the control and just see the wonder in His creativity. This was a God appointment for me. I did not choose it, but it chose me.

I will never forget the beauty and blessing of these three days. As I returned home I felt like one of the calves my minster spoke about this morning as he read from Malachi 4:2 as follows:

“2 But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stalls. Malachi 4:2 English Standard Version (ESV)

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